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Sei eins  mit der Natur  in Namibia

Tag 1. von Duesternbrook zum Otjiseva Camp (16.5 km)

Der Tag der Ankunft ist immer der Tag bevor die Wanderung beginnt, dh die erste Nacht ist immer auf Düsternbrook und gehört schon zu den 4 Übernachtungen. Früh am nächsten morgen geht die Wanderung entlang dem Otjiseva Revier nach Süden für ungefähr 1.5 km. Dann biegt man links ab, folgt immer den Schildern und kommt zum Düsternbrook Eingangsfarmtor. Jetzt betritt man Farm Otjiseva und folgt den Schildern entlang der Hauptstrasse für circa 1 km. Dann biegt man rechts ab auf einen markierten Wanderpfad. Dieser führt sie wieder zum Otijiseva Revier. Die Route führt eine zeitlang unter grossen Bäumen mit folgender Beschilderung: UNDER THE BIG TREES, RIVER/GAME WATCH WALK and GEMSBOKKOELTE bevor der Weg dann rechts in die Berge abbiegt. Die Vegtation nent sich Buschsavane wobei viel grosse Bäume angenehme Schattenspender sind dier somit auch einer Pause einladen zB der BIG FIG TREE REST. Dieser Baum bietet sich an eine Mittagspaus einzulegen, nähe dem 12 km Schild. Hier soll es auch Felszeichnungen geben an der Stelle KLIPMERK GATE. Die genaue Bedeutung der Zeichnungen ist noch allerdings unklar. Auf den grossen Steinen im Flussbett kann man sich auch gut ausruhen. Der Weg windet sich weiter durch enge Schluchten mit einigen intertessanten steinigen Wasserfällen. Einer war jedoch zu hoch, so wurde der Weg auf und um einen Hügel geleitet. Oben angelangt beim Punkt TOKTOKKIE TRACK REST- hatten man einen imposanten Blick in die umliegenden Berge, aber auch in das flachere Tal das sich nach Windhoek ausdehnt. Ein Letzter kleiner Anstieg führt zu einer sehr schönen Stelle, unsere Überdachung und Camp genannt GUSTAV POSTEN. Diese liegt immernoch auf der Otjiseva Farm, hier befindet sich auch kleine Talsperre die oft trocken ist aber sie kann sich bei einem guten Regen auffüllen. Man befindet sich hier in absoluter Wilderniss nur mit Klängen der afrikanischen Natur, dem Wild das man hören oder sehen kann ohne das man jetzt ganz Still sein muss. Manche Schilder haben eine interessante  Namensgebung erhalten wie: SEXY FIG TREE oder THE-ROCK-UNDER-THE-ROCK dh der Fels-unter-dem-Fels oder auch SIT-GAT-RUS-BENE dh Setzt dich auf den Po und Ruhe die Beine aus. 

Day 2 (8 km)

We follow again a riverbed on the KLIPPEKOU KLIM uphill until we reach the border with the farm Onduno before the SLAGYSTERKLIP gorge.  We sit a while on the rocks at the RED ROCK LIZARD REST waterfall and spend some time at the PARTRIDGE POOL and watch lots of birds coming to drink water. At a farm dam, with water for a large number of cattle, we are met by the owner of this farm.  He explains to us the route downhill into another riverbed with Oryx, Kudu, wonderful flowers and trees, past the CREEPY CORNER. We have lunch at the side of a farm road under some shady bushes at the top of a hill where there is a nice breeze - this is experienced at higher spots on the trail. Then up a hill to YIPPIE ON TOP ...!! Early in the afternoon we arrive at the next overnight place - also next to a dam - where we have enough time to explore the surroundings and observe the bird and animal life. The camp is below the LOOK UP!! BABOON MOUNTAIN, on the bank of a small dry river in between two rocky hills with steep kranses. The one hill is called Bobbejaan kop - obviously a baboon sleeping place.

Day 3 (21 km)

On this day we cover the longest distance of 21km. It start by going up and down on hills and grassland areas, with small bush and beautiful vistas, where we see lots of gemsbok, kudu and zebra, passing KOELTE BOOM and DEATH IN THE RIVER. After crossing the corner border to Godies, at 6km and climbing the SCORPION HILL we reach ZEBRABAD and cross over into two valleys with a beautiful long valley down BIRD NEST GORGE, where leopard tracks leads us down to the lunch spot in the Middagrivier at 10km. A 4 m long python lying in the sun in a rocky area before the DEATH VALLEY gives us exiting moments. We follow this long bigger dry river, for about 3km, with very high cliffs past BIG HANGING CLIFFS and the MENSVRETERGROT to the COMPRESSOR REST. In the ROOIKAT KLOOF a steep climb and crossing at 16km takes us to another valley past the TWIN ALOE AT A WATER SLIDE and LAST WATER. Just before we reach our next overnight place we have to climb up and down rocks in the narrow impressive LOVEBIRD GORGE.  We saw and heard the Rosy-faced Lovebird that breeds here, but we also had a close encounter with a 3 meter long Black Mamba. Just before sunset we meet with Ursel, the owner of Godeis, with beers for our sun downer drink, on the Sun downer hill above the overnight camp, to watch a beautiful sunset scene as the sun go down behind the many mountains of the Khomas Hochland.

Day 4 (16 km)

We leave our overnight place again through the LOVEBIRD GORGE, past GATKRAP BOOM and turn right into the Otjompaue river, which forms a wide valley.  Passing the PIEPIE VALLE and the GROOT KAMEELDORINGBOOM EN SY KLIP BALLE, which brings us to the Onduno Farm border and the VEGTENDE BULLE PUT.  The BABOON BAR gorge is something special. We see many, unfortunately dry dams and a number of San places one at BUSHMAN/SAN PLACE. After the ZEBA PEEK HILL, GOGGA OPDRAANDE you can have lunch at BLOW WIND BLOW - GIGGLE REST. We passed KAALGAT RANTE and STONE SIT to a point, where we rested for the last time and looked at the Onduno homestead at ANKE’S HOUSE VIEW. Then down to the big dam with lots of water and the CROAK DRINKING PLACE. Suddenly we were back at our Day 2 overnight camp. We had excellent weather on our whole trip, sometimes even a bit too warm, but during this night the thermometer fell to about 5°C.

Day 5 (15 km)

Each day brings interesting vistas and so did this day not disappoint! We had a pleasant hike past LEKKER SWIMMING, THROUGH THE BEAUTIFUL BUSHES up on GRANDPA’S PATH, past KIEKIE DAM to the WINDHOEK REST. Windhoek city can clearly be seen in the distance. We TAKE IT SLOW BUT GO on THODO’S PATH through GAT SKEUR DEUR DRAAD to the highest point at 360⁰ AND OH SO FAR FAR AWAY!! with the best views all round of the whole trail, seeing as far as Okahandja and Windhoek while resting a round hill just under 2000 m above sea level.


After we have done some ups and downs past HEAVEN REST, BERND’S MOUNTAIN REST and ENORMOUS COCOON CORNER, we crossed the border to Monte Christo Farm on LEVEL ON THE GRAVEL to the WATERFALL. We climbed down this breathtaking high waterfall with 5 well secured wooden ladders. We pass KORT-PAD-LANG-PAD, with a well deserved rest at SEER-KNIE-DAMRUS and walking past the STEENBOKKIE PLEK we finally reach the Aretaragas River at TARENTAALDRIF. Breathtaking hiking for a kilometre along this river, watching hundreds of water birds and plenty of game pass SO CLOSE, we come to the Tree House, our overnight place on this farm. This tree house is a 3-storey building, built around and in a massive big Ana tree, with double decked 5 star toilets, a lookout and braai area on the first floor, overlooking a dam constructed round the tree. This was very special.


We took a walk to the Monte Christo home. It has a number of small lakes, which is ideal for bird watching such as water birds and Fish eagles. In total on this hike we identified more than 50 species of birds.  We saw many oryx, waterbuck, springbok, zebra, kudu, warthogs and other small mammals.

Day 6 (14 km)

The last day of the KHHT is a pleasant walk along the Otjiseva River with a number of river crossings and passing the following markers DRIE-ANA-BOME-RUS, COOL TREE REST, VLAKVARKGATE, WATERVOëLS LOOP and WATER KLIPPE. This day led us from Monte Christo via Otjiseva back to the starting point at Düsternbrook.

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